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First of all, you should be publishing lists as your blog content strategy. Your potential customers who are researching ways they can solve their problems are looking for helpful curated lists to guide them.

For example, if you sell wine online, your potential customer might be searching for the “best red wine for sangria”

The top 5 results in Google are listicles:

The 5 Best Red Wines for Sangria

What Is The Best Wine For Sangria?

The Best Red Sangria (Recipe and Tips)

The 7 Best Red Wines For Sangria

The Best Wines to Use for Sangria

If you want a shot and gaining this searcher’s business, you need to create a similar article.

In fact, there are 1000’s of list-based keywords like this in the wine space like best red wine for cooking, best white wine for sangria, best wine for mulled wine, best red wine for gift giving.

Normally, this would take tens of thousands of dollars to create articles that can address each topic.

With this plugin, you can create 100’s of list-based articles easily and affordably.


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