How Would You Like a 22.69% Replay Rate on Your Cold Emails?

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Ever since cold outreach became cheap and easy to do, businesses have gotten spammed to death with pitches and offers.

With RoundupWiz, you can be much smarter and more strategic with your cold pitches.

Instead of asking for something right off the bat, offer something your prospect cares about.

Every cold outreach email I do, provides value before ever asking for anything.

I use RoundupWiz to create award programs in my industry, or to feature experts in an article.

And who do I reach out to for them to participate?

Yup – my prospects.

After all, who doesn’t want to be awarded or be featured for their expertise?

Here is an example.

My SEO tool is perfect for agencies. I emailed agencies to see if they wanted to check out the product, and I got absolutely nowhere.

So instead, I created this top SEO agencies award program and my reply rates became over 20% and agency owners were happy to be considered.

All I had to do was share the provide submission link that RoundupWiz generates, and agency owners filled in all their information themselves. I asked them to email me with a response so I could approve their listing.

From an initial positive exchange, seeing if they’d be interested in trying my product became much easier!

How can you apply this to your industry? Get access to RoundupWiz and get creative!


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